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Portable Camping Charger - 24V

Mobil24Vcharger.jpg (55870 bytes)

Battery powered! Charges a 24 volt scooter or bike from the 12V battery in your camper! (camper engine must be running) 
Just plug into cigarette lighter, and charge your scooter or bike while you drive! Regulated 2A output! For lead/acid batteries.
Reg price $49.95  SALE $25!

12V Tyco Relay

12V actuator coil. 40A/30A SPDT contacts. 87 Ohm, 138 ma coil. 1/4" push-on lugs. $3.50 each.

24V D.E.G. Relay

24V actuator coil. 20A/30A SPDT contacts. 312 Ohm, 77 ma coil. 1/4" push-on lugs. $3.50 each.

24V Potter & Brumfield Relay

24V actuator coil. 70A SPST normally open contact. 265 Ohm, 90 ma coil. PCB lugs. $5.00 each