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        Will a USPD Kit Fit My Bike?

The are some basic requirements:

1) Your rear wheel must have 32 or 36 spokes. Just count them.

You must have what's known as a "3-cross" spoke pattern. To
     determine if your rear wheel meets this standard, begin at the
     hub flange. (where the spokes radiate from at the center of the
     wheel) Starting where any spoke hooks into the flange, count
     the number of spokes it crosses on the way to the rim. Be
     careful not to miss the first crossing. It is VERY close to the
     flange. (about 1/4" from where the spoke leaves the flange)
     If you count a total of 3 crossed spokes, you're set!

3) The battery box must have sufficient clearance to be installed
     in the frame. (male bike) If you're installing the kit on a woman's
     bike frame, you'll be using the rear mounted battery pack. You
     can disregard the following.

     3a) Using the following diagram as a guide, cut out a cardboard
            template with the following dimensions:         


    3b) Use the cardboard template you made to determine if there is
          enough space in your frame as shown below.

     3c) Place the locking tab (A) on the down-tube as indicated. Slide the
           rear end of the template (B) against the seat-tube so that it is
           parallel to the SEAT tube. (not the top tube) This is critical, since
           this will determine exactly where the locking tab (A) touches the
           down-tube. There must be about one (1) inch or more between the
           top of the template and the top-tube. (C) It does NOT matter if the
           top of your template is parallel with the top-tube of the bike as seen
           in the above diagram, only that the rear of the template (B) is parallel
           with the seat tube!

4) If your bike meets all the above criteria, you stand a 95% chance of
    having a successful installation.

****NOTE: If your bike doesn't meet some of the requirements outlined
      above, don't give up! With a little mechanical ingenuity you can adapt
      the system to virtually any bike! As a member of the Yahoo Power-
      assist group recently noted:
"Both Tim and I (and probably many others
      with thick tubes) did not have the space so we removed the locking tab on the
      battery box and eliminated the locking tab on the down-tube - then used a hose
      clamp.  This will qualify many more bikes for the kit."


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