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  Installing the External Battery Wire Harness


When installing the external battery harness it is critical that you observe the red and black wire colors and be certain that red goes to red and black to black at all connector junctions. Failure to follow these guide lines could result in burned wires, fingers, or worse!

1) Remove the scooter deck. If your scooter has a cloth bag containing your batteries, you will notice a short wire exiting the bag and terminating in a black rubber/plastic connector. This connector is plugged into a similar connector which then leads to the rest of the scooter internal wiring harness. Unplug this pair of connectors by wiggling the two halves and gently working them apart. If your scooter has two loose batteries (no cloth bag) follow the black and red wires leaving the battery terminals till you find the black rubber/plastic connector described above. Pull this connector apart. (click the pictures to expand)


***NOTE: Be sure you select the proper connector to pull apart! There are more than one of these connectors used in the scooter. Be certain to select the connector where one side goes directly to the internal batteries!

2) Look at the two tags installed on the new external battery harness. Notice that one side says "To internal scooter batteries", while the other says "To scooter wiring harness". Select the one labeled "To internal scooter batteries" and place in next to the connector (you unplugged above) leading directly to your internal scooter batteries. When oriented correctly, the red and black wires of BOTH connectors must match! If red goes to red and black to black, plug in the harness to the battery pack connector.

3) Following the same procedure as in #2 above, plug the other connector on your new harness (marked "To scooter wiring harness") into the plug leading to the scooter wiring harness.

4) Locate the plugs and wires in such a way as to prevent damage or pinching when the deck is installed. Run the long (36") length of wire beside the batteries and out the rear of the scooter pan. Using wire ties or tape, run the wire up the seat tube and into the basket where you external battery pack is located.

NOTE: It is VERY IMPORTANT that both your internal and external battery packs be fully charged BEFORE you attempt step 5 below. If the charge state of one battery pack is substantially below that of the other, a large current will flow through the harness causing potential damage or injury.

5) If you are using a Currie supplied battery pack in a cloth bag, simply connect the harness to the packís output jack. If you are using separate batteries, connect the red harness wire to battery #1ís red tab. Next, connect the harness black lead to battery #2ís black tab. Finally, connect the short jumper between the remaining red and black tabs on battery #1 and #2.