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                    Installing the F-18 Motor Brace


With a 5mm Allen wrench remove the two upper bolts (shown 
below) holding the motor to the mounting plate.


Install the 2 long bolts (provided) in these same holes.


The new bolts will protrude from the rear as shown above.


Install and tighten two non-locking nuts on protruding bolts.


Remove the 15mm nut from the left side of the rear axle. 
(shown above) The kick-stand will slide down off the axle.


Slide the motor brace onto the axle and protruding motor bolts.
Slide the kick-stand into position between the new motor brace
and frame. 

NOTE: Unless the kick-stand is properly located between 
the new brace and frame as shown above, it will not seat.

Install a lock nut (provided) onto each of the protruding
motor bolts.

              Original brace                             New version brace

Carefully tighten the axle and motor bolt nuts. Do NOT tighten
one nut completely, then move to the next. Rather, tighten each
nut a few turns at a time, moving from nut to nut. This will
insure that the brace pulls each of the three attachment points
into proper alignment.

Alignment: To check for proper chain alignment, sight along
the chain (from the rear of the scooter) between the large
and small sprockets. The chain must follow a nearly straight
path between the sprockets to operate smoothly and quietly.
If the chain is in good alignment, set the chain "tension" block
so that a small amount of play remains between the sprockets.
A 1/4" to an 1/8th" at the midway point is best. Too much slack
can produce noise and may lead to de-railing, while no slack
will lead to premature sprocket, bearing, and chain wear!

Adjustment: Your motor mount brace has been assembled 
and welded in a fixture which should provide nearly perfect
alignment of all three attachment points. When installed in
accordance with the above instructions, your chain and motor
assembly should not require further alignment. However, due
to slight variations in scooter production runs you may find
it necessary to "fine tune" the alignment of your brace.  This
is accomplished by simply installing washers on the axle or
motor bolts to move the assembly into perfect alignment.  

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