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                               USPD Heat Sink Installation   



1) Remove the three bolts holding the motor to the gear box assembly. (you
     will need a 5mm allen wrench for this) Carefully pull the motor straight out
     from the gearbox to remove. Some "wiggling" may be required to dis-
     engage the motor shaft from the gear.

NOTE: Take note of the position of the flat spot on the motor shaft,
              and how it aligns with the flat area in the small gear with which
              it engages.

2) Remove the aluminum "gasket" from between the motor and gearbox.
    (see above) Set this "gasket" aside, since will no longer be needed.

3) Apply a thin layer of heat sink paste on BOTH sides of the EVdeals heat
    sink where it will contact the motor and gearbox. Don't apply the paste on
    areas that will not be in direct contact after assembly.

4) Place the heat sink in position between the motor and gearbox. (in place
    of the "gasket" that you removed) Do NOT reinstall the original metal
    "gasket". It is no longer necessary. The fins on your heat sink should be
    oriented as shown in the picture below.

(top view)

Gently re-insert the motor shaft into the gear, being careful to align the flat
spot on the motor shaft and gear) The motor shaft should slide fully into the
center hole of the gear. When properly installed, the heat sink will be sand-
wiched between the motor faceplate and gear housing. NO FORCE should
be applied by tightening the 3 bolts until the motor, heat sink, and gear
housing are in full contact!

5) Replace and firmly tighten the three bolts holding the motor.