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                    Hot Scoot Motor Mount Upgrade Installation


IMPORTANT: Before starting the installation of the new motor mount, disconnect the large red Anderson connector from the battery pack. No power should be connected to the scooter while performing this procedure.

1) Disconnect the two power cables from the motor. Be sure to mark the terminals on the motor + where the red wire is attached, and - where the black wire connects. This will aid you in reconnecting the motor properly if you must reposition it due to a cracked motor flange.

2) Remove and save the two bolts holding the motor mount to the scooter chassis. (these will be re-used to attach the new mount) Slide the belt off the motor pulley and lift the motor and mount out of the scooter. Remove and save the two bolts attaching the motor.

3) Place the new motor mount on the frame (as shown below), centering the elongated holes over the previous mounting holes in the chassis cross-members. Using the new mount as a template, mark and drill a third 5/16" hole completely through the cross-member as shown near the top of the picture below.

4) Before installing the motor onto the new mount, check the motor flange for cracks. If necessary, you can rotate the motor to a new set of flange holes away from the cracked area. When you decide which two flange holes to use, attach the motor to the new mount using the old bolts and nuts. Before tightening these bolts, slide the steel clamp around the motor and through the support tab slots on the new motor mount. DO NOT INSTALL THE BOLT AS SHOWN (BELOW) IN THE PHOTO. Since the photo was taken, it has been determined that the bolt should be inserted from the bottom of the chassis, with the nut on top. Tighten the clamp and motor flange bolts securely. (see below)

5) Place the motor and attached mount into position on the scooter chassis. Place the drive belt around the motor pulley. The tension adjusting bolt and locknut on the new mount will fall between the two chassis cross-members. Install, but do not fully tighten the two main mounting bolts (near the front of the motor) with the nuts under the chassis. Install the third mounting bolt (near the rear of the motor) from the bottom of the chassis with the nut and lockwasher on top.

6) Tighten all three mounting bolts just enough to provide close contact with the chassis, but not so tight that the adjusting bolt cannot move the mount. Turn the adjusting bolt clockwise and feel the tension on the drive belt. When the belt is snug, tighten down all three mounting bolts. Finally, tighten the stop nut on the adjusting bolt to secure the adjustment.

NOTE: If you find the belt tension is increased by tightening the 3 mounting bolts, you may have had them too loose before you made the tension adjustment. With a little practice, you’ll be able to loosen these mounting bolts just enough to make a single, accurate adjustment.

7) Reconnect the motor power cables to the appropriate terminals. If you mounted the motor using two new flange holes, it may be necessary to lengthen or replace the existing power cables. Be sure to observe the polarity symbols (+ and -) you marked on the motor earlier when completing this step.

8) Finally, reconnect the Anderson power plug to the battery pack.

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