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        Currie Scooter Disk Brake Kit


                  This kit is designed for installation by experienced bike
                  or scooter mechanics. It is NOT recommended for any
                  scooter other than the Schwinn F-18, GT Shockwave
                  and Mongoose Hornet FS,  Flyer SE, and similar Flyer
                  scooters, nor is it to be installed or adjusted by anyone
                  under the age of 18. An improperly installed or adjusted
                  brake system can cause damage to the bike or scooter
                  as well a injury or death to the rider or pedestrians! If
                  you are not experienced or qualified to install this disk
                  brake system, bring the scooter and kit to your local
                  bike shop for installation.

Kit Parts

Carefully review the parts terminology in the picture below. You will need to
be familiar with this terminology to complete the steps below.

Click to enlarge

Step 1

Disconnect existing brake actuator cable. Unplug motor and throttle wiring.
Remove the rear wheel assembly completely.

Click to enlarge

Step 2

Remove brake housing retainer nut from axle. Slide brake housing off of axle.

 Click to enlarge

Step 3

Remove brake drum by unscrewing in a counter-clockwise direction. I've found
an oil cartridge removal tool works best for this procedure.

 Click to enlarge

Step 4

NOTE: Anti-seize compound has been added to the threads of the adapter.
Also, the six bolts attaching the rotor to the rotor adapter have been torqued
to manufacturers specifications. (see Avid documentation included in the kit)
Do NOT remove or tighten these bolts unless you have the appropriate torque
wrench or you may cause damage to the assembly!

Install new brake rotor and adapter assembly being very careful to avoid cross-
threading. It is not necessary to tighten the rotor more than hand tight. Thread
the brake housing retainer nut (removed in step 2 above) back onto the axle,
and gently tighten it against the nut already on the axle.

          Click to enlarge

Step 5

Slide the caliper bracket onto the axle and re-install the wheel by tightening
the axle nuts just enough to hold the assembly in place. When installed, the
axle nuts should be loose enough to allow the caliper bracket to be turned but
NOT wobble. If the bracket is too loose, you will not be able to achieve the
proper alignment of the caliper and disk. Accurately measure the distance
between the outer surface of the rotor disk and the inner surface of the caliper
bracket. (see picture below) This distance must be 17/32" +/- 1/32". If this is
not the case, you will need to add a thin shim to the axle or grind down the
brake housing retaining nut noted in step 2 above.


Step 6

NOTE-1: There are a variety of brake tab configurations on Currie scooters.
Older models have the tab welded about a 1/2" inboard of the swing arm. The
same tab is nearly directly under the arm on second generation scooters, and
is on top of the arm on current models. You will need to adjust the installation
information found below to accommodate these differences. Here are a few
pictures of the brake system installed on a late model swing arm. (tab on top)


NOTE-2: The reverse band has one elongated hole. This hole will attach to the
chassis bracket in a later step. Be sure to insert the torque arm bolt through
the single round hole in this step. Also, be sure the "jog" in the reverse band
angles inward toward the tire.

Position the end of the caliper bracket above the swing arm of the scooter and
install the torque arm bolt, torque arm stop, reverse band, (using the small hole)
and finally the washer and nut. Tighten loosely.

Click to enlarge

Step 7

Install the brake tab bolt through the chassis tab and reverse band using a
washer on EACH side of the tab. Tighten loosely.

Click to enlarge

Step 8

NOTE: This step is critical. Be sure that the caliper bracket is snug between
the frame and inner nut on the axle as you tighten these bolts. Take your time
and be sure that no loads are placed on the caliper bracket as you complete the
steps below, since this can cause misalignment of the caliper with the rotor disk.  

Start by holding the torque arm stop downward against the swing arm. Position
the reverse band as shown in the picture below and tighten the caliper bracket,
reverse band and axle bolts a little at a time making sure that the caliper
bracket is not being bent inward or outward in the process. i.e., the caliper
bracket's torque arm stop should be resting freely on the scooter's swing arm.
The reverse band (after tightening) should not cause ANY left/right pressure on
this bracket.

     F-18 installation               Currie Flyer installation

Step 9

This completes the EVdeals kit portion of the installation. Final setup of the
Hayes disk brake system is covered in the accompanying Hayes literature. Be
sure to read and follow the Hayes disk brake installation instructions carefully.

Also, it is advisable to check all hardware for proper tightness and damage
on a regular basis. Torque all hardware to manufacturers specifications and
replace any worn or damaged parts.
I have included a few pictures (below)
that may be of assistance. If you need help or have questions call me at