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Gearing Options for Bikes and Scooters

Currie, Lashout, and ElecTrec bikes or scooters can be made faster,
slower, better hill climbers, longer range, or just about anything you
choose with the installation of custom batteries, motors, and sprocket
sets. The following is a partial list of sprocket (gear ratio) options available
from EVdeals. The possible combinations of motors, sprockets, and
batteries is too large to present clearly on this site, so I urge you to
call if you have questions or don't see what you have in mind.


Motor shaft sprockets (pinions)
Ring Sprocket vs Pinion (Currie, Lashout, ElecTrec, Rayos Bikes)
Setting chain length for custom sprockets
Effect of using alternative motors
Rad2Go Sprockets
A Final Word
Custom Sprockets & Crank sets


          Motor shaft sprockets (USPD & Lashout Scooters & Bikes)

            Practical Possibilities using standard motors
                                  (MPH with 165lb rider)


13T(no clutch)

15T 17T 19T 21/22T
Scoot-e 11 13.5(s) n/a n/a n/a
Phantom 11 13.5(s) n/a n/a n/a
Flyer 2001 13.5 15.5(s) 17.0 18.5 20.0*
Flyer 2002  type 15.0 17.0(s) 18.5 20.0 21.5*
F-18  type 13.5 15.5(s) 17.0 18.5 20.0*
Tsunami  type 13.5 15.5(s) 17.0 18.5 20.0*
USPD, Currie
Pro-Drive 26"-27" wheel
n/a 13.0 15.0 17.0(s) 18.5/19.5(x)
Lashout, ElecTrec, Rayos Bike  26"- wheel n/a 13.0 15.0 17.0(s) 18.5/19.5(x)

   n/a means "forget it!"
   (s) means stock gearing
  * means not recommended except with extremely light riders 
  (x) chain tightness issues may dictate 21T or 22T choice. (call)

Link for all Currie scooter sprocket pricing
Link for all Currie USPD bike sprocket pricing

NOTE 1: Sprocket/clutch assemblies above do NOT come with
                        splined shaft or shaft hardware. (available separately)

NOTE 2: Speeds indicated above are approximate, and depend
                     heavily on factors such as tire pressure, wind, hills, road
                     surface, rider weight, etc.

                Custom Sprockets & Crank sets

       Currie USPD                        Lashout                Multi-sprocket cranks         Custom chain rings 
                                                                              (mixed chain sizes)           (up to 125 teeth #25)

                                             Currie hub, custom sprocket & adapter      

Ring Sprocket / Pinion (Currie, Lashout, ElecTrec, Rayos)

    Possible Combinations of Pinion and Ring Sprockets
silver can
Currie motor and 26"-27" wheel.
(MPH with 165lb rider)

  15T 17T 19T(stock) 22T
48T 14.9 17.2 19.0 21.0
54T(stock) 13.0 15.0 17.0 20.0
60T 11.0 13.4 15.2 18.5

Green = ring sprocket teeth
Red = pinion teeth
Bold = most practical alternatives to stock ratio
Blue = stock

USPD (Currie) stock replacement ring sprocket 54T-    $34
(Currie) custom ring sprockets, 48T-$54  60T-$59 

Lashout, ElecTrec, Rayos  stock ring sprockets    54T- $34
Lashout, ElecTrec, Rayos custom ring sprockets 48T- $54 60T- $59

Chain ring sprockets & stoker crank sets  Call for pricing


For other custom sizes not shown above - Call 508-695-3717

For specific applications involving smaller and larger
             wheels, please call. (508-695-3717)


        Effect of using alternative motors

The tables above were derived using a combination of empirical testing
and extrapolation. Your results will vary depending on many factors, but
should be surprisingly close to those indicated.

In addition to gear ratio changes, you may also want to consider changing
or upgrading your motor to any one of the alternatives listed on this site.
(see motors) To estimate the performance of these optional motors, just
follow the instructions outlined below.


Correction Factor

Silver Can MAC (24V)

no correction needed, use table values
Finned BMC 400W (24V) no correction needed, use table values
Hi-Kol 400W (24V) subtract 1.5 MPH from above tables**
BMC 600W (24V) subtract 1/2 MPH from above tables**
MAC 600W (24V) subtract 1/2 MPH from above tables**
36V Hi-Kol modified motors add 6 MPH to table values
36V Super-BMC 750 motor add 6 MPH to table values
48V Super BMC 750 motor add 12 MPH to table values

**Don't be surprised that the standard 600W motor shows 1/2 MPH
    slower in the chart above. These motors develop the highest torque
    and efficiency at lower RPM than the smaller motors. However,
    since they can be geared higher without overheating, they will
    always be your best choice for high speed applications. This is
    especially true in hilly terrain and with heavy riders.


                                      Rad2Go Sprockets

   Custom gearing for Rad2Go 600 and 800 Watt motors made to order.
   13 or 15 tooth with roll pin, ready to install
   17 or 19 tooth with roll pin, ready to install

                           A Final Word

Before ordering any of the motors or gearing options, please call for
a brief consultation. Matching your particular needs to a specific motor
and gearing combination can be difficult, especially in situations where
non-standard conditions prevail such as odd wheel sizes, unusual road
conditions, special needs and heavy riders.