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Go-Ped ESR 750 EX


ESR750 - In 20 years, Patmont Motor Werks, the Manufacturer of the Genuine California Go-Ped® brand scooters, has earned a unique leadership position in the scooter industry and racing arena. PMW has been constantly at the forefront by continually perfecting and engineering the most high-end and refined scooting machines in the World.

Well known for its excellence and expertise in gasoline powered Go-Peds®, PMW Engineering “Skunk Werks” have in fact also actively developed ingenious electric powered transportation alternatives. In 1995, it introduced the first electric powered Go-Ped® Prototype. Based on the design of the Original and Best Selling Sport Go-Ped®, the spindle drive electric Stealth™ Go-Ped® was introduced in 1996. Later, the Stealth II and Hoverboard® Go-Ped® were launched for customers looking for the most silent and classy electric scooters.

Reaching success in the electric world remains a monumental challenge for any company. We have all witnessed competitors and imitators with high fanfare which have regularly since come and gone.

PMW is convinced that opportunities for an electric form of transportation are endless and never stopped its research for the elusive combination that will finally bring the dream of reliable, satisfying, and silent personal transportation.

With two decades of successful R&D, Engineering and Production, PMW possesses the best knowledge, understanding and tools to bring to customers products which exceed their highest expectations.
After nearly two years of careful and painstaking development using all lessons learned, not only from its own electric scooter development, but from the many lessons taught by others, PMW has reached electric perfection and is proud to present the long awaited Go-Ped® "Electric Speed Racer" ESR750.

The ESR750 simply is in a class of its own and no scooter in the market comes close to its power, performance, stylish design and renowned Go-Ped® Perfection.

Its durability, reliability, top performance, style and American class without compromising on any details nor on its compact, light and foldable feature make it the ultimate electric scooter as well as an environmentally friendly transportation alternative.

Inexpensive to run, the ESR750 will provide commuters, pleasure riders and electric enthusiasts with a first class fast, clean, safe and stylish ride.

The most innovative and highest quality features and components abound in the ESR750, making it the most cutting edge, reliable and versatile electric scooter in the industry. It is the Absolute combination of True Style and Pure Freedom.

Electric Motor - After over a year of research for the most powerful and reliable engine, the ESR provides for unmatched power and offers no compromises on performance. It is equipped with a robust and well proven DC brush type motor with “Electro Head” finned heat sink that is capable of producing over 1HP in continuous operation and reaching top speed of over 20mph, while offering thrilling acceleration. The high output makes it the most unique scooter able to tackle steep hills with ease.


Electronic Controller – We would have to kill you if we told you too much, but what we can reveal is that the ESR 750 electronic power controller is a sophisticated and proprietary pulse width modulated design. The ESR750 is the only electric scooter of its kind equipped with an advanced computerized variable speed and programmable controller. With a wide variety of EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) programmable functions, it gives users the freedom to not only do on board diagnostics but also customize performance.


Dual Performance Modes - The operator can chose the "Econo" or "Turbo" performance mode on the throttle control to either go "twice as far, half as fast", or "twice as fast, half as far", providing users with absolute control over their choice of speed and range.


On Board Charger - The ESR750 has a very efficient on board "Smart Charger" to quickly, safely and fully recharge batteries using a separate charging chord to any 110v or 220v household power outlet worldwide.


Battery Pack - The ESR750 uses four 12 volt SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries. Two on each bank of the pan are wired in series, and each bank is wired in parallel to create an effective 24 volt, 11 amp hour power supply.


Drive Train - Power to the rear wheel is through a #25 chain with tension maintained by a simple manual chain adjuster. The standard final drive front/rear sprocket ratio is 15/76 and allows for free wheeling and modifications to many available ratio combinations.

From the exceptional braking performance provided by the Mad Dog Brakes to the ultimate ground clearance and low center of gravity, the ESR 750 is just a unique gliding machine, abounding in high quality and safety features, for which the California Go-Ped® brand is so renowned.

The utmost quality components are used throughout the ESR 750 to provide for excellent safety and piece of mind: from the carefully designed ergonomic controls, platform, handlebars and frame to the most reliable and durable features: powerful well proven motor, high grade programmable and computerized controller and battery gauge indicator are among the features which make the ESR 750 the most unique electric scooter.

The new candy apple red and gloss black color choice combined with an aerodynamic look and fender give the ESR 750 a stylish and classy touch of elegance for the most exclusive appeal.


Chassis and Frame - The patented single tube frame/chassis is based on the cantilevered aircraft grade chromoly carbon steel frame so well proven by the lightest and highest performing racing Go-Peds.

This oversized Go-Ped® renowned quality frame also incorporates the motor and simultaneously serves as a heat sink to help dissipate the heat generated by the motor, which offers top reliability and range design benefit.


Steering Fork - Its front fork, also made of aircraft grade Chromoly Carbon steel, is the well proven and patented cantilevered design for simplicity, low weight and ease of maintenance. To the fork is mounted the Brand New and Ultra Powerful “Mad Dog” disc brake caliper, which is an international standard mountain bike style, with tempered stainless steel “wave” disc rotor, provides for exceptional braking performance, control and safety.


Wheels - The polished wheels are made of strong, but very light weight cast Magnesium alloy, and have very low rolling resistance "TT" style treaded pneumatic tires, 10 inches in diameter, which contributes to the most comfortable ride.


Platform - Deck - The standing platform or "deck" made of beautiful light weight Latvian Birch plywood from Lithuania combines the best attributes of a low deck height and excellent ground clearance of any electric powered scooter available. This creates the friendliest, and easiest to use ergonomic "magic carpet" possible.

The patented and gracefully formed low profile aluminum battery pan below the platform serves as an ingenious mount and provides for excellent protection of the batteries, electronics and wiring.

The pan/deck electronics battery pack is weather resistant and factory sealed. It can very easily be removed and replaced from the frame with four mount screws on the top of the deck and by disconnecting the electronic control quick-connects, and motor power leads.


RearFender - The rear wheel, chain drive system and rider are protected by a stylish single piece rear fender made from injection molded and ultra resistant polypropylene thermoplastic. Its beautiful, well thought out design gives it a customized and unique motorcycle look.


Handlebars and Controls - The handlebar control system is of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy and is classic Go-Ped®, down to the elegantly simple, convenient and highly imitated yet never surpassed folding spring loaded locking sleeve

The brake lever and two position power ON/OFF button is ergonomically designed and easily accessible on the left handle grip. A smooth variable speed thumb throttle with Econo/Turbo selector and three LED battery condition fuel gauge like "Flux Capacitor" on the right grip allow users easy control of their ESR 750 and the ability to know at all times the power level in the batteries

                                                                                          ESR750 EX

If you are looking for a longer range, reliable, powerful and compact energy efficient means of transportation, the ESR750Ex is the New Machine to keep you going.

PMW is proudly introducing the New ESR750Ex - the most compact and powerful electric scooter in the world, now with greater range .

The ESR750Ex is the New 2005 Longer Range version of the 2004 Electric Scooter of the Year Award Winner, ESR750.

The ESR750Ex is equipped with larger sealed lead acid batteries, which deliver a range increase of more than 50% over the standard ESR750 stock range and duration.

The ESR750Ex will provide users with an impressive 12+ mile range in Economy mode - a top speed of 12 mph - and up to an 8 mile range in Turbo Mode, which allows users to reach a top speed of 20mph*.

At only 59.5 pounds, the new ESR750Ex still has the best power to weight ratio of any electric scooter in the World.

                          ESR750 EX   $999 + shipping (seat kit, $69.95)