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Hot Scoot Test Report

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Performance Graphs

I spent 4 hours today checking out one of my newly arrived Badsey Hot Scoots. I want to differentiate my findings as a dealer, from those of an "engineering type", so this commentary has been submitted to Bill Badsey in the form of "first impressions". I might add, Bill made no effort to influence my remarks, either positively or negatively toward his product.

Let me start, by summarizing my overall impression after 4 hours of examination: I love
it! Solid, substantial, clean, well engineered...these are the adjectives that come immediately to mind. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'd like to comment on the list of observations I made this afternoon after opening the box:

1) The Hot Scoot was appropriately packaged in a well marked box. (up arrows count!)
No damage of any kind was found. I suggested, though, that they place a
label of some kind at the "lift" points of the scooter. I mention this, because I couldnít decide what to grab in order to lift it out of the box.

2) Here's why I think the above item may be important: When I tried to unfold
the scooter, the locking pin assembly would not retract. I was
unable to pull it out and unfold the front end. After removing the lock
nut and pin, I discovered that the retracting pin was bent slightly and needed a
gentle tap with a "persuader". Could it be I bent it by lifting the scooter by
the steering tubes?

Bill is looking into this, and will make the necessary corrections. By the way, the front fender is made specifically as a lift point, (as is the rear extension) with a very thick fiberglass lip that doesnít cut your fingers.

3) The next problem was the on board charger. It had detached from the wall of the
pocket, and was flopping around inside. Aside from the attachment
method, it would be nice to be able to see the charger "light" through the

Badsey will be investigating both these issues.

4) When I went to hook up the batteries, I was pleasantly surprised with the
"pop up" hood! THAT is a great idea! Super convenient! Just turn the fastener with a coin, and lift the entire deck like the hood of a car. This exposes the innards of the beast completely for easy access!

5) The component layout under the "hood" is excellent. This thing actually "looks" like it means business! Just one suggestion here: I would avoid the crossing of the
battery wires under the deck. It's a potential chaffing problem that may be
avoided by completing the cross-over in the "pocket" areas between batteries.

6) I noticed that Badsey Hot Scoot is using a Soneil 24V 1.5A on-board smart charger. Great choice! I suggest, though, that it should be supplemented with a jack for an external high rate charger.

7) The substantial, automotive relay/key switch is a solid design addition.

8) Frame construction is super deluxe! Plenty of heavy gauge metal there!

9) General fit and finish is excellent. Virtually mint out of the box.

10) The "man-eating" controller is well heat-sinked, and potted to keep out
tinkerers. (like me) I was a little concerned, though, that the
external components could be damaged by exposure to road junk, etc. Bill claims that this has not proven to be a problem.

11) The seat is great. It would be tough to find a quicker on/off
arrangement! Nice heavy gauge tube. I haven't tried it yet, but the oversized saddle looks
as comfortable as my sofa!

12) Nice "full ground contact" kick stand! No sinking in the asphalt!

13) My size 10-1/2s can fit sideways on the deck with lots of room to spare!
Very comfortable riding positions are possible with the expansive surface area. The tail extension is just slightly higher than the main deck. Very comfortable!

14) The broad tires add a lot of stability to in-line runs, but I will need
to get used to them in the turns. The scooter "tracks" like its in a groove! Slow speed control is amazing! The Magura throttle, coupled with the oversized motor controller, provides extremely smooth speed control. (far smoother and controllable than anything Iíve ridden)

15) Handlebar position and height is just right for me at 5'11".

16) The brakes are superb! What else is there to say. (full size levers add
a secure feel as well) Compared to other scooters Iíve tried, these are "power" brakes!

17) The mud flap is a nice, practical touch, keeping dirt and debris from flying up from the front tire. Also, the protective spiral wrap around the wiring, as it passes through the front-end folding mechanism, is a quality touch!

18) As for performance: I clocked this particular unit at 18.4 MPH. The
ramp-up setting seems a "little" tame to me, but, compared to other scoots
I've ridden, it's more than adequate. I must say, it blows away the Currie Flyer for sheer speed and power! I know I shouldnít compare the two, considering the price difference, but after riding the Hot Scoot, Iím spoiled!

19) I rode it up a 1/4 mile hill on a road behind my shop. Itís impressive!
I haven't measured the incline of this hill, but it's one of those
hills you donít want to stop on with a stick shift car. (if you know what I mean) Rough estimate: 15% incline. Not a problem for the Hot Scoot. Iíll get some hard data on this later in the week.

No time today for mileage testing, and I'd rather fully charge the batteries before doing
that anyway. Tomorrow is a probable snow/sleet/rain mess, so I thought I'd
pack in a bit of everything today while the weather was good.

It's a great scooter, Bill...No doubt about it! Watch out, TurboScooter!

Available HERE!

                                                Performance Graphs
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HS-AvSpd.jpg (34137 bytes)   HS-Dur.jpg (35323 bytes)   HS-MaxSp.jpg (34494 bytes)
       Average Speed                       Run Duration                     Max Run Speed

HS-Miles.jpg (35589 bytes)   HS-SpdTime.jpg (37916 bytes)
    Full Speed Mileage                 Speed vs. Time


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