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                Dual Motor F-18 Conversion (6/1/03)


Optional items installed:

Dual motor plate kit
EVdeals F-18 motor brace
BMC 600W (Plus version) high speed motors (2)
EVdeals drive sprockets
EVdeals dual Hawker G13EP upgrade kit
Cast aluminum mag wheels


I began with a stock Schwinn (Currie) F-18. The original battery
pack was replaced with a custom aluminum pan and Hawker
G13EP batteries. The standard drive train was removed, and a
dual motor plate loaded with two BMC 600W Plus series high
RPM motors installed in its place. Various gearing options were
tested during construction to optimize performance. I finally settled
on a pair of 17 tooth drive sprockets for the best overall mix of
speed, range, and climbing performance.

The scooter can be operated on a single motor by simply shutting
off a toggle switch located on the right rear side. For additional
safety, I installed a 60A relay in the secondary motor circuit which
disables both motors when the primary rocker switch is off. Again
for safety reasons, I installed a small DPST relay to immediately
shut down both motors when the left brake lever is applied.


After conditioning the batteries with a few test runs on the dyno, I
ran a series of 3 tests using 15, 17, and 19 tooth motor sprockets.
I also did some field testing on hills and flat runs to get a better
feel for the characteristics of the various gearing options.

15T pinions (stock) Top speed ~20.2 MPH. Run time on the dyno
was just over 40 minutes with about 12.7 miles covered at an average
speed of 19.2 MPH. In the field, acceleration was very strong and
hill climbing would probably exceed that of an eGO!

17T pinions Top speed ~23.5 MPH. Run time on the dyno was
39.5 minutes at 17 MPH*** NOTE: The run speed was intentionally
reduced to 17 MPH to yield more accurate dyno mileage results. A
distance of about 11.2 miles was recorded at 17 MPH.

19T pinions Top speed ~26.5 MPH. Unfortunately, dyno run time
was not recorded. NOTE: Again, the speed was intentionally reduced
to get accurate dyno results. In this case, the average speed was
18.2 MPH over a 10 mile run.

***Sorry about the variation in test parameters, but my dyno system was developed
     back when scooters were averaging 12 MPH!! Speeds above 21 MPH do not
     give reliable results, so faster vehicles must be held under that limit.

Conclusions: After field testing all three gearing options outlined
above, I decided to ship the unit with 17 tooth pinions. Of the three
options tested, this seems to give the best mix of performance and
user friendliness. Lower gearing (15T) proved a bit too wild for use
on sidewalks, and the higher gearing 19T sprockets produced
speeds I think are too high for average riders. Under special use
conditions, the 15T and 19T gearing options would be quite useful.
In fact, (and this was not tested) I suspect the scooter would break
30 MPH with 23T gearing on flat surfaces, particularly with lighter