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(AKA City Rider, Dragon, Eclipse, F16)

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  Variations of this scooter appear under different names. 

x-bat&cont.jpg (54069 bytes)   x-charger.jpg (39469 bytes)   x-controller.jpg (46985 bytes)  
   Battery pack bag                   Charger                      Controller


x-deck.jpg (47248 bytes)   x-foldmech.jpg (55982 bytes)   x-instructman.jpg (29981 bytes) 
      Aluminum deck             Folding system             Pict from manual


x-leftmotor.jpg (46241 bytes)   x-rightmotor.jpg (48958 bytes)   x-sideview.jpg (60341 bytes)
    Left rear chassis            Right rear chassis               On the dyno

See performance details in the "Comparison" section.

Dimensions: This scooter measures 40.5" long, 9.5" wide, and 13.5" high when folded, and weighs 49 lb. 

Frame: The Cheetah employs 8 inch 4 bolt rear, and 5 bolt front wheels. The frame is built from heavy rectangular steel members, and includes a large 3/32" skid plate under the oversized motor. The motor itself is mounted in 5/32" steel brackets. The hinge bracket assembly is a full 7/32" steel plate. I've stressed the dimensions of the chassis materials to make a point: This is a heavy duty scooter! Also, there's plenty of room for modifications under the ample aluminum deck.

Technical: The oversized motor is certainly not being strained. It appears similar (possibly identical) to the City Bug motor, and is controlled by a PWM module. This module is neatly packaged (complete with connectors) and mounted behind the batteries. (which come in a removable bag) The scooter uses 4-6V, 12A/Hr LC-R0612CH1 batteries for power, and draws 9.1 amps at cruise. The standard charger is a 1 amp unit which is adequate for overnight charging.

Power is transferred to the rear sprocket through a conventional toothed drive belt. (585-5-15) A gear ratio of 4.8:1 (15T motor to 72T rear sprocket) produces a 10.5 MPH cruise with a motor RPM of only 2130! 

Handling and Design: The rear band brakes are one size larger (3.5" vs. 3.25") than the Zappy brake, and seem quite effective. The Cheetah exhibits excellent slow speed control, which is made convenient through the use of a "Wuxing" "inner ring" twist throttle. (#ET-4x 99207 323.5) 

The folding mechanism is a bit elaborate, and certainly not elegant in design. However, when finally locked into position it is more than adequate.

Although this is not a performance scooter, considering its low price this is a decent buy for the experimenter or first time owner.